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Company Overview: G&C Coatings

Company Information
G&C Coatings
7450 Miller Road 2 Bldg C
Houston, TX 77049

Contact Information
Website: gandccoatings.com
Phone: 832-376-2401

Our state-of-the-art facility, conveniently located at 7450 Miller Road 2 in East Houston, is a vital part of our highly competitive value proposition. Spread over 30 acres, this innovative space includes nine fully concreted acres and 21 acres of stabilized lay down yard. Our diversified shop is anchored by climate-controlled indoor work bays, where protective industrial coatings and surface treatments are applied with efficiency and precision. Our carefully modulated indoor setting also supports optimized curing processes, guaranteeing your complete satisfaction at every project phase. G&C’s facility location is ideal for serving Texas's thriving petrochemical and oil and gas industries, and we offer highly specialized expertise in the upstream, midstream, downstream, subsea and offshore sectors. When it is not feasible to transport equipment to our in-house facility, G&C also provides field service. Offsite work includes assembly and disassembly jobs, small metal fabrication and repair, and touch-up work. Contact G&C Coatings today!

Quick Facts

Line of Business: Industrial Coating Services
Ownership: Private