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Company Overview: Cornerstone Partners

Company Information
Cornerstone Partners
PO Box 270514
Houston, TX 77277-0514

Contact Information
Website: www.CornerstonePartners.com
Phone: 1.713.661.5000

We are in the market every day with a detailed knowledge of who is doing well and what talent is ready for new opportunities. We can provide your firm with an individual or a whole marketing or trading team. We specialize in finding talent who not only understand the mechanical process, but also the creative process of developing a powerful presence from marketing and trading to production and exploration. We are a small group of devoted professional recruiters, each with over a decade of experience, who take great pride in the service we provide. We begin a search by analyzing your corporate goals and objectives, your business philosophy, and then develop a target profile. The market is surveyed for great candidates who are screened and evaluated for the best possible match. References are thoroughly checked. Finally, we assist clients during final discussions and negotiations with candidates, providing the third party sensitivity often needed to close the deal. We understand the greatest competitive advantage any company can have is great people. With daily exposure to the market, we seek out the people who will help great companies like yours, grow, prosper, and profit. We save our clients valuable time and money with our proven methods for success. In an ever-changing market, timing is everything. Call us today, so we can discuss your success for tomorrow.

Quick Facts

Line of Business: Personnel
Ownership: Private