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Company Overview: QR Inventory

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QR Inventory
300 S Pugh
State College, PA 16801

Contact Information
Website: www.small-business-inventory-management.com
Phone: 814-867-3200

AHG, Inc. provides integrated cloud - mobile software for asset and inventory management in the field and remote job sites.

QR Inventory (www.small-business-inventory-management.com) uses regular smartphones and QR code / barcode / NFC tags scanning to keep track of assets and inventory in the remote locations, such as job sites, oil rigs, service vans, employees, etc.

Using QR Inventory, your employees can process assets and inventory transactions on site in real time by scanning QR code / barcode label or NFC tag with their smartphone. Results of the transaction are immediately available to all authorized users in real time anywhere. You can customize QR Inventory to fit your business model and workflow by defining what do you want to track, record and report via the web interface. Create custom transactions, forms that employees need to fill out on their mobile devices, custom fields for assets and inventory, and more.

Smartphone with QR Inventory mobile application will replace barcode scanner, mobile computer, camera and GPS device for your field technicians. They will be able to scan QR code on the item to see detailed information (specs, manuals, drawings - anything that they need to know), process inventory transaction, check item stock and locations, fill out and submit relevant forms. And you won't need to spend a dime on hardware and consultants.

QR Inventory has a built-in QR code generation tool, that allows you to generate, lay out and print QR code labels for your assets and inventory.

Comprehensive reports allow you to review and export data on inventory count, locations, transactions history and usage. You can filter reports by the custom fields you created, producing exact information you need.

Quick Facts

Line of Business: Software
Ownership: Private