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Company Overview: TransBotlek Group

Company Information
TransBotlek Group
Shannonweg 84 3195 LH BOTLEK-Rt Port no. 5064
Rotterdam, 3098

Contact Information
Website: www.transbotlek.com
Phone: +31 108 080 995
Phone: +31 108 087 162

TransBotlek currently wholly owns and operates storage terminals in 11 countries across all continent from Antwerp (Belgium), Rotterdam (The Netherlands), Tallinn (Estonia), Houston (Texas), Novorossiysk (Russia) and so on with a global total capacity over 18.9 million cubic meters. Our corporate headquarter is located in Rotterdam, The Netherlands. TransBotlek benefit from deep water access and excellent hinterland connection via seagoing vessel, barges, rail, road and pipeline. All of our sites have expansion possibilities. TransBotlek offers range of services to Energy Companies from onshore terminals, storage tanks, blending facilities to pipelines. These bulk logistical facilities take crude oil and petrochemical products from ships, storing and delivering it to the customer at the right time. Similarly, we store and blend refined product to create the exact specifications required in certain markets before transporting it on to the end customer.

Quick Facts

Line of Business: Transportation, Transhipment, Oil and Gas Storage, Pipelines
Ownership: Public
Number of Employees: 5000