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Company Overview: Mark's Machine Co.

Company Information
Mark's Machine Co.
1101 N. Blue Creek Rd.
El Campo, TX 77437

Contact Information
Website: www.marksmachine.com/valves.htm
Phone: 979-543-9204

MPV's major assets is its simplicity of design, which requires no internal guides, pins, or wear bands, making maintenance minimal. Non-metallic disks are available in several materials and adapt to temperature ranging from ambient to a maximum of 650 degrees F. The physical design allows more passage of gas with less restriction in flow, thus reducing temperature and the amount of horsepower required.

The MPV valve body is manufactured out of 4130 annealed steel in standard applications. In harsh environments, material such as 410 or 316 stainless steel are used. The MPV valve has been proven to have a much longer life expectancy than it OEM counterparts.

Quick Facts

Line of Business: MPV and OEM Compressor Valves
Ownership: Private