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Company Overview: Industrial Metal Finishing Company

Company Information
Industrial Metal Finishing Company
4200 Perry, Houston, TX 77021
Houston, TX 77021

Contact Information
Website: imf-co.com
Phone: 713 747 6700

IMFCO delivers metal plating services in Houston and Texas. We have Electroplating, High Performance Spray Coating and Metal Finishing in the United States. Electroplating Zinc Plating Cadmium Plating Fastener Plating Copper Plating Silver Plating Gold Plating Tin Plating Rhodium Plating Fluoropolymer Coatings IMF-3 Molybdenum Disulfide Painting Plating Anodizing Plating Galvanizing Plating Phosphate coating Chromate conversion Black oxide Passivation

Quick Facts

Line of Business: Metal Plating & Finishing
Ownership: Private