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Company Overview: Cementys Americas LP

Company Information
Cementys Americas LP
1001 Texas Ave
Suite 1400 #133
Houston, TX 77002

Contact Information
Website: www.cementys.com/
Phone: 713-893-4852
Executive Contact: Vincent Lamour
Sales Contact: Matthew Crowe

Cementys is an independently owned company born from the energy industry’s need for better instrumentation and monitoring of its infrastructures. Cementys’ 100% fiber-optic solutions can provide managers and operators with a holistic view of the structural integrity of an asset by measuring temperature, stress, vibration or pressure (locally or distributed – 50 miles with 1m precision.) By identifying the problem before it exists, Fiber-Optical monitoring can aid in the prescriptive maintenance of your most critical assets by utilizing the following applications: - distributed strain and fatigue monitoring (river crossing, High Consequence areas, etc.) - leak detection monitoring (active or passive distributed temperature monitoring) - intrusion detection & pig tracking (distributed vibration [acoustic] monitoring)

Quick Facts

Line of Business: Asset Integrity Monitoring
Ownership: Private