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Company Overview: MNSE Innovations Ltd

Company Information
MNSE Innovations Ltd
Scotland, AB12 4UX

Contact Information
Website: www.mnse-inv.com
Phone: +44 1224781687
Executive Contact: Mabor Scott-Emuakpor

We are specialist engineers for your product or system development and life-cycle management. Combining advanced engineering design with creativity, project engineering experience and a thorough understanding of materials, engineering design analyses and product design life cycle, we walk with you through your product development from initial concept through detail design to completion. Our expertise allows us to accurately and efficiently find solutions to product and system design problems for project delivery as well as proposals and FEED. We work directly with the client beginning with their problem statement and utilize a proactive approach to reach innovative solutions. We offer our services at very competitive rates that you will find hard to beat! Contact us today for a quote.

Quick Facts

Line of Business: Product and System Development
Ownership: Private