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Company Overview: Wanner Engineering Inc

Company Information
Wanner Engineering Inc
1204 Chestnut Avenue
Minneapolis, MT 55403

Contact Information
Website: www.hydra-cell.com
Phone: 612 332 5681

We at Wanner Engineering Inc. are leading pumps and pumping equipments manufacturing company based in Minneapolis, Minnesota. Over the years, we have established ourselves as the most reliable manufacturer and supplier of top grade Hydra-Cell high pressure diaphragm pumps that are extensively used by our clients. Our experts clearly understands the pumping needs of modern industrial plants, so they have mastered the skill to come up with pumps that run for days without any interruptions or technical difficulties. /br Hydra-Cell Heavy Duty Pumps are highly valued for their versatility, user friendly construction, durability and efficiency. These pumps come with a seal-less design that separates its power end from liquid processing end. This helps in eliminating the propensity of unwanted hazards and leaks. The high quality materials used to design and develop these pumps make them perfect for handling a wide range of liquids such as acids, chemicals, solvents, hydrocarbons, alkalis, natural gas liquids, aqueous ammonia, polymers, resins, recycled wet powders, slurries and dirty liquids. Our high pressure pumps are used in wide range of industries such as mining, pressure washing, parts washing, chemical processing, water and wastewater removal, food and drug manufacturing, oil production and refining, paper and pulp manufacturing, automatic car washing, agriculture and a wide range of related fields. /br Please feel free to call us on (612) 332-5681 to discuss your application or for additional information. We look forward to working with you.

Quick Facts

Line of Business: High pressure pumps
Ownership: Private