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Company Overview: Stoner Engineering LLC

Company Information
Stoner Engineering LLC
1010 Tenth Street, Suite 104
Golden, CO 80401

Contact Information
Website: www.makinhole.com
Phone: 303-277-1629
Executive Contact: Michael Stoner

The purpose of our flagship product--SES--is to help you execute precision directional steering in order to drill through as much payzone as possible, given your chosen drilling system and data feeds. SES is horizontal and directional well bore drilling software...from pre-spud well planning with earth model data integration through live landing and 3D geosteering / stratigraphy interpretation while drilling. Includes the new 3DStratBlock real-time well planning method, traditional 3D/2D well planning, survey calcs, Technical Hole Deviation (THD) calcs, THD logs, live steering guidance from patented Fuzzy Logic control technology, and multiple advanced visual geologic strata interpretation tools using LWD (gamma ray, resistivity, etc.) and other data.

Quick Facts

Line of Business: Software and Consulting
Ownership: Private