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Company Overview: Fortech Energy Inc.

Company Information
Fortech Energy Inc.
430 W Warner RD #113
Tempe, AZ 85284

Contact Information
Website: www.fortechenergyinc.com
Executive Contact: Janine Mendoza

Fortech Energy, Inc. is a systems integrator with a Global Network of Clients in the Oil, Gas water and power. Since its inception in 1997, Fortech has been delivering a wide array of state of art IT solutions for Energy/Hydro Industry. Fortech Energy Inc. (now part of Enzen Global Solutions Pvt Ltd.) helps its clients to become more efficient through Business Process Automation, Custom and Configurable Software Solutions and Advisory Services. Fortech’s solutions and services mitigate the increasing complexity of technology, reporting & regulatory requirements and the high volume of transactions resulting from present day challenges. Fortech Energy is an innovative, knowledge-based energy and utility enterprise serving the Gas, Power and Water sectors. Fortech provides outcome based turnkey solutions, blending industry best practices and leading edge ideas with a continuous focus on meeting our customers’ expectations.

Quick Facts

Line of Business: Enterprise Solutions/Business Process Automation  System Integrator
Ownership: Private