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Company Overview: OptoSci Ltd

Company Information
OptoSci Ltd
9 Cambuslang Road
Glasgow, G32 8NB

Contact Information
Website: www.optosniff.com
Phone: +44 141 6412344
Sales Contact: Greg Cranstoun

OptoSci Ltd. was founded in 1994 as a spin-off company from the University of Strathclyde with the key objective of incubating, developing & commercially exploiting selected innovativephotonics technology arising from internal and academic research. OptoSci’s business strategy has proved very successful with over a decade of profitable growth and has led to the Company becoming a leading producer of innovative optoelectronic systems, components and instrumentation for the international education, research, industrial and environmental markets. •OptoSniff – a novel laser based gas sensing system for continuous multipoint monitoring of gases in landfill sites, mines, petroleum and gas installations, industrial measurement systems, etc. •Ongoing internal and collaborative applied research programmes to develop innovative optical sensing and control systems for other industrial measurement, alarm and control applications.

Quick Facts

Line of Business: Gas Decection
Ownership: Private