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Company Overview: LBR Communications Inc.

Company Information
LBR Communications Inc.
1483 E Hollywood Ave
Salt Lake City, UT 84105

Contact Information
Website: lbrcommunications.com
Phone: 801.556.8423
Executive Contact: Lee Rech

Lee founded LBR Communications in 1996 and is responsible for the overall strategic direction, growth, and management of the company. Building on her more than 19 years of marketing/public relations, professional documentation, and technical writing experience, Lee created LBR Communications to provide her business, non-profit and political clients with a greater value proposition for their communications needs than they could derive from a larger, less customer service-focused agency. LBR technical writers are seasoned communications experts who know the right questions to ask, have a short learning curve, and are quick, clear, and easy to work with. They are part of your team of subject matter experts, editors, illustrators, and project managers and have the ability to deliver most any type of technical content that creates a positive customer experience, improves quality, and enhances organizational performance. LBR supports a wide variety of projects, including but not limited to: • Technical manuals and user guides • Training documentation • Policies and procedures • Document rebranding and updating • Web content • Courseware and e-learning

Quick Facts

Line of Business: tech writing, public relations and political comm.
Ownership: Private