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Company Overview: Ingen

Company Information
Customs House
35 Regent Quay
Aberdeen, AB11 5BE

Contact Information
Website: www.ingen-ideas.com
Phone: +44 1224 582302
Phone: +44 1224 582382
Executive Contact: Paul Gayton

Founded in 2000, Ingen is an independent oil and gas engineering consultancy emphasising ideas and innovation. We have a consistent track record for adding value to projects. Our strength is our team of motivated, highly skilled engineers with experience in reservoir, flow assurance, facilities design and optimisation, and economic analysis working to provide decision support both inside oil companies and independently. Our strength is building and communicating understanding, from detailed operations on a particular facility right through to the big picture for area developments. Coupled with our ability to continually come up with ideas that are focussed to our customers business, we have a track record for delivering solutions that do make a difference. We have proprietary methods for field development option screening and development decision support. Our expertise is in coupling risk analysis and system modelling. We use our proprietary software (RAVE) as well as providing support through project auditing and conceptual study service. Our mission has been to develop and promote engineering methods so that project design basis are no longer single/multiple case delivery requirements but provide a management tool for all reservoir, financial and project risks. We have developed a suite of production support models, methods and techniques centred on constraint management, flow management, and management of facility development opportunities. We have techniques, patents and strategies to optimise production recovery from network and area redevelopment opportunities. Work methods here go hand in hand with risk managed development engineering although the approach is to focus on re-use of existing infrastructure and to benefit from the reduced reservoir uncertainties of mature assets.

Quick Facts

Line of Business: Field Development Studies
Ownership: Private
Number of Employees: 20