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Company Overview: Geological and Geophysical Consulting

Company Information
Geological and Geophysical Consulting
1947 Gessner
Houston, TX 77080

Contact Information
Website: geologicconsultant.com
Executive Contact: Gregory Olszewski

Gregory Olszewski is a geological and geophysical consultant for the petroleum industry. He has extensive experience as both a geologist and geophysicist. Mr. Olszewski earned a Master of Science degree from Wayne State University in 1978 with a major in geology. Working both as an employee and consultant for numerous companies, he gained extensive experience in petroleum provinces throughout the world. He has worked as a geologist and geophysicist for 22 years. The work included both exploration and development activities.  Mr. Olszewski is fluent in the use of computers and writes computer programs to assist in the resolution of specific exploration and development problems. In addition to his technical skills, he possesses a strong background in upstream petroleum economics. Moreover, his experience includes exploration planning. He has participated in the authoring of long range company plans using various risked economic indicators as criteria.

Quick Facts

Line of Business: Geologic and Geophysical Consulting
Ownership: Private