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Company Overview: Total Stream Systems, LLC

Company Information
Total Stream Systems, LLC
4733 Georgina Dr
Billings, MT 59106

Contact Information
Website: totalstream.com
Phone: 888-554-5777
Executive Contact: Jeff Dyk
Sales Contact: Sally Kindsfater

Total Stream Systems is the producer of Total Asset Manager (TAM), a web-based oil and gas software platform. Provide accurate information about drilling, land, production, economics, accounting and more to any applications in your organization. View data across departments, creating a collaborative environment throughout the business enterprise. The configurable dashboard leverages your organization’s business intelligence to provide visibility and predictive insight about the performance of your assets. TAM, applied to your business data, ensures that technical and supportive processes are in place to reach your business goals. No other solution currently on the market offers the degree of integration available with Total Asset Manager. Our software products include:
  • Production Accounting
  • Daily Gauge Sheet System
  • AFE & Rig Scheduling
  • Finance
  • Equipment Management
  • Drilling & Wellwork
  • SCADA System

Quick Facts

Line of Business: Oil and Gas Software Solutions
Ownership: Private