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Company Overview: Callenberg Technlology Group

Company Information
Callenberg Technlology Group
Lindholmsallén 10 SE-402 71
Göteborg, 5160

Contact Information
Website: callenberg.com
Phone: +47 67 58 40 00
Executive Contact: Petter Traaholt
HR Contact: Laila Vaagenes
Sales Contact: Jan Manger
Investor Contact: Philip Bannerman

Callenberg Technology Group An international provider of Insulation, HVAC and Electrical Energy Management solutions for the maritime, offshore & energy markets. Callenberg Technology Group delivers solutions that support our customers to be more competitive in their markets. We are authoritative in the markets we operate, continuously innovate and deliver project management excellence. We engage approximately 1200 employees in 12 countries. Callenberg Technology Group is wholly owned by Wilhelmsen Maritime Services, a Wilh. Wilhelmsen Group company.

Quick Facts

Line of Business: HVAC, Insulation and Electrical Energy Management solutions
Ownership: Private
Number of Employees: 1200