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Company Overview: NORM SOLUTIONS LLC

Company Information
2501 Centennial Drive Suite 116
Arlington, TX 76011

Contact Information
Website: www.normsolutions.com
Phone: (844) 315-3061
Executive Contact: Wade Hall
HR Contact: Kerrianne Cannon
Sales Contact: Kalen Kribbs

Geri Blanchard, MS, REM, CSP is a nationally recognized oil and gas NORM expert and the Radiation Safety Officer for NORM SOLUTIONS. She provides consultative and training services, and has influenced licensing procedures as well as best management practices within the oil and gas NORM industry. Geri is regarded as the NORM industry expert by both the Railroad Commission of Texas and the Texas Department of State Health Services. Click here to access a variety of presentations, articles and papers available on the web regarding NORM.

Quick Facts

Line of Business:
Ownership: Private
Number of Employees: 9