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Company Overview: 3K Chem & Brush LLC

Company Information
3K Chem & Brush LLC
4B Taofeek Lawal
South West
Ikoyi/Lagos, 23401

Contact Information
Website: www.3kchem.com
Phone: +234-806-0615555
Executive Contact: Wisdom Chris
HR Contact: Austin Chris
Sales Contact: Nwadiegwu Ike Wisdom
Investor Contact: Jennifer Edonyah

3K Chem & Brush LTD is a supplier of premium chemical products to a wide range of company in African Oil & Gas, Aviation, Marine, Military, Power, Solid mineral Sectors, construction and related. Our product are biodegradable, it has no environmental effect.   3K Chem & Brush LTD values business that will sustain over long term our business and resulting partnership is built on human integrity, supply world class products and providing first class service everywhere we operate.  

Quick Facts

Line of Business: Chemicals
Ownership: Private
Number of Employees: 22