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Company Overview: Gulf Electroquip Ltd

Company Information
Gulf Electroquip Ltd
425 North Wayside Drive
Houston, TX 77020

Contact Information
Website: www.gulfelectroquip.com
Phone: 713-675-2525
Phone: 713-675-6433
Sales Contact: Chris Hogg

Gulf Electroquip is a leading designer, manufacturer, remanufacturer, and repair company for top drive motors, AC /DC traction motors and AC generators for drilling rigs in the oil and gas industry. The company designs and manufactures the DRILLMAX 400 horsepower form wound motor top drive AC motor, the GEQ 1150 HP horizontal AC traction motor, as well as traction motor spark arrestors, cleaning motor blowers, bug blowers, and specialty and safety products. Gulf Electroquip has one of the largest factory parts inventories for motors and generators in the country.

Quick Facts

Line of Business: Electrical Motors and Generators
Ownership: Private