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Company Overview: Blade Energy Partners

Company Information
Blade Energy Partners
6801 Gaylord Parkway
Suite 401
Frisco, TX 75034

Contact Information
Website: blade-energy.com
Phone: 972-712-8407

Blade Energy Partners is an independent research, engineering and project management company focused on delivering challenging projects in a safe and cost effective manner, through intelligent application of innovative technologies.

The combination of knowledge, skills and experience within Blade spans the entire spectrum of the upstream energy industry, with engineering and well design as the core. Our strength is in taking on difficult, intractable problems and providing innovative solutions to them.

Our pool of expertise includes world-class engineering skills in such areas as Low Cost Exploration, Mature Field Development, Underbalanced Drilling, Coiled Tubing Technology, Thru-Tubing Multilateral Drilling, Tubular Mechanics, and Reservoir Subsidence Analysis. One of our unique strengths is in risk and reliability-based technologies, where we apply rigorous quantitative risk assessment techniques to design, evaluation and analysis. Combining this with our expertise in optimization, we provide optimal, rational and cost-effective design solutions to enhance performance and maximize productivity.

With a strong emphasis on research and development of new technologies, we strive to be at the leading edge of technical progress. Research underpins every solution we provide to our clients. Blade engineers are proud of their ability to identify and intelligently apply emerging technologies in the most challenging of environments. We believe also in service to the industry in which we practice our profession. Our people have a long history of industry participation and service, often in leadership positions, in major industry bodies.

We offer a wide range of formal and informal training packages customized to the gaps and needs of our clients. We stand behind every product and solution we offer with a dedicated support package.

Quick Facts

Line of Business: Engineering Consulting
Ownership: Private