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Company Overview: Navman Wireless

Company Information
Navman Wireless
2701 Patriot Boulevard, Suite 150
Glenview, IL 60026

Contact Information
Website: www.navmanwireless.com
Phone: 847 729 5988

Your equipment tracking solution from Navman Wireless delivers the information you need to monitor and analyze operations of all your on-highway, off-highway, and non-powered assets, including drivers, so you can: Monitor and manage driver behavior, including speed, harsh vehicle usage, route compliance, hard braking, excessive idling and fatigue. Protect safety of remote workers with "lone worker " alerting capability. Fine-tune vehicle and equipment utilization and monitor worker productivity. Track and analyze fuel usage and idling patterns to adjust routes, pare costs and reduce carbon emissions. Avoid the high costs of unplanned downtime by monitoring maintenance needs. Provide speedy, accurate dispatch to service vehicles, for more peace of mind For on-the-road tankers, provide hours-of-service compliance with DOT compliant e-logs. Automatically compile state mileage reports to simplify and streamline IFTA reporting.

Quick Facts

Line of Business: gps fleet tracking
Ownership: Private