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Company Overview: FITIRI

Company Information
15603 Kuykendahl Road
Suite 300
Houston, TX 77090

Contact Information
Website: www.fitiri.com
Phone: 281 440 4222
Phone: 832 201 8144
HR Contact: Claudia Lerma

FITIRI is a Software Development company. Fitiri has over a decade of history in linking the advancements maid in the IT sector to the chemical process industries. PlantMS is one of our complete plant monitoring solutions designed to replace operator’s standard paper log sheets and to automate monitoring of typical process variables such as pressure, temperature and flow. Intrinsically safe class 1 Div 2 hand held devices are used to collect data offline and upload that using Wi-Fi/GPRS/USB cables to a web based database for reporting and analysis. Data accuracy is taken care of by using barcode tags, RFID, GPS etc. Data accuracy is taken care of by using barcode tags, can also be integrated from existing DCS/PLC/plant historian databases. This information can then be viewed by qualified personnel on a local or worldwide basis, and used to manage the plant. Safety is also an important issue, and PlantMS can be used to monitor process equipment and machinery that might not be critical enough to warrant installed protection systems or even be incorporated into a PM program. It also incorporates alarm management though the plant may not have adequate hardware such as transmitters. PlantMS is also a great tool for operator training. PlantMS is not an out of box software, customized modules can be developed to best suit your specific needs. Fitiri develops wireless solutions that encompass design aesthetic, clear study of information, architecture and feasibility along with expert consultation. One of the most notable advantages is that we can help you to get your mobile workforce automation project developed and implemented in a fraction of the time our competitors can.

Quick Facts

Line of Business: Drilling Software and Application Development
Ownership: Private
Number of Employees: 100