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Company Overview: Entagral LLC

Company Information
Entagral LLC
16850 Saturn Lane
Suite 100
Houston, TX 77058

Contact Information
Website: www.entagral.com
Phone: 281 282 9991
Executive Contact: Lyman Dolan

Entagral is an engineering consulting company that provides complete services ranging from design and analysis to manufacturing support. Our emphasis is applications for the oil and gas industry including technical solutions for upstream / downstream production for both onshore and offshore applications. Our particular area of expertise is in pipeline repair. Entagral provides its customers with solutions to the challenges of the industry through a combination of technical expertise and exceptional integrity. Entagral is registered with the Texas Board of Professional Engineers (Registration # F-15375). Our design services include: feasibility studies, concept development, design proposals & presentations, peer and third party reviews, detailed design layouts, material selection and creation of bills of materials, development of testing & operating procedures & site support during product testing. Our analysis Services: finite element analysis (primary emphasis), interpretation of code formulas, & development of closed form, “textbook” calculations. We have a combined 35+ years of industry experience with involvement in all aspects of product development for a number of significant projects including: a deepwater Pipeline Repair System, oil spill recovery system, flange stud load restoration clamp, and diverless pipeline repair clamp. To learn more about Entagral and read the details of these and other industry activities, please visit us online at www.entagral.com

Quick Facts

Line of Business: Entagral Engineering and Design
Ownership: Private