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Company Overview: PetroMar Technologies, Inc.

Company Information
PetroMar Technologies, Inc.
440 Creamery Way
440 Creamery Way, STE 100
Exton, PA 19341

Contact Information
Website: www.petromartech.com
Phone: 4842064190
Phone: 4842064149
Executive Contact: Earle Drack
Sales Contact: Earle Drack

PetroMar Technologies provides products and services related to downhole oil & gas exploration and other energy technology. Our team comprises an expert and multidisciplinary group of scientists, engineers, and technical professionals. We share a passion for tackling tough new downhole product development efforts, and have a track record of doing so successfully. FracView™, PetroMar's OBM-Compatible LWD Borehole Imager, Caliper, and Drilling-Dynamics-Monitor, provides E&P Operators with a low-cost, high-resolution borehole imaging and caliper solution while drilling with either OBM or WBM. As a memory/battery tool, it is easily added to any BHA regardless of MWD or DD provider with no impact on drilling operations. In unconventional applications, FracView offers customers an economically-viable means for obtaining valuable completions planning and reservoir modeling inputs, as well as dynamics diagnostics, while drilling laterals. For conventional applications (including offshore/HPHT), the high-quality images/caliper/dynamics data, recorded with 360-degree coverage, are obtained while drilling even in harsh conditions. Our Mission: “To be a trusted service provider, equipment provider, and product development/manufacturing partner, offering our energy, innovation, expertise, and sense of urgency needed to help our customers compete successfully”

Quick Facts

Line of Business: Oilfield Technology Products and Services
Ownership: Private