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Company Overview: Mirade

Company Information
2nd Floor, Juxon House
100 St Paul's Churchyard
London, EC4M 8BU

Contact Information
Website: www.mirade.co.uk
Phone: +4420 3102 7590
Phone: +4420 37270804
Executive Contact: Tim Baker

Mirade provides professional engineering consultancy to the oil and gas industry, with a particular focus on projects involving gas compression systems. Mirade is an independent company serving oil and gas operators, asset owners, contractors and investors. Compression systems are an integral part of oil and gas facilities worldwide and are a key factor in their productivity. By optimising the designs of new compression facilities and enhancing the performance of existing ones, Mirade assist asset owners and operators in maximising productivity. For new and young assets, this is achieved through an integrated approach to compression design within a field development project – ensuring that solutions developed represent an asset-wide solution optimising capital deployment across the entire production chain from reservoir to delivery. In ageing assets, Mirade’s specialist compression knowledge identifies reasons for under-performance and develops improvement plans and revamp projects.

Quick Facts

Line of Business: Consultancy Services
Ownership: Private