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Company Overview: evoleap

Company Information
10333 Richmond Ave
Suite 180
Houston, TX 77042

Contact Information
Website: evoleap.com
Phone: 832 371 6677
Executive Contact: Mike Zaldivar

evoleap is an engineering software and service company whose mission is to improve engineering workflows through well-designed software. evoleap also offer advanced engineering services in the area of flow assurance for upstream oil and gas industry. obot is a scheduling engine for OLGA that allows users to queue their OLGA simulations through a beautifully designed web interface. obot keeps track of OLGA license availability and submits simulations to OLGA when licenses are available. obot introduces a business-driven prioritization algorithm that ensures fair license allocation to all flow assurance engineers and provides business managers with the ability to prioritize license allocation to business-critical jobs. flotools is evoleap's new software in the making targeted to optimize the preparation of OLGA input files and viewing of OLGA results.

Quick Facts

Line of Business: Oil and Gas Software and Flow Assurance
Ownership: Private
Number of Employees: 3