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Company Overview: Razor Resources LLC

Company Information
Razor Resources LLC
1130 Enclave Parkway
Suite B
Houston, TX 77077

Contact Information
Website: www.razor-resources.com
Phone: 281.624.6090
Executive Contact: Ramon de Hoyos

Razor Resources is located in Houston's Energy Corridor. As a land management firm we strive to deliver professional land management results for all our clients. We value our client’s time to ensure that our work is done as efficient and as confidential as possible to suit their needs. One of our main principles is to bring young professionals who have completed their education within our industry and expose them to as much first hand field work as possible. Our model not only helps give energy professionals experience in the field, but it also demonstrates to our clients that they have someone who is professionally educated with a land management or energy degree working proficiently towards their companies goals.

Quick Facts

Line of Business: Professional Oil and Gas Land Management Firm
Ownership: Private