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Company Overview: Mezintel, Inc

Company Information
Mezintel, Inc
Citadel NW
Calgary, AB, T3G3T5

Contact Information
Website: www.mezintel.com
Phone: 1-403-239-4359
Executive Contact: Anthony Lukindo

Founded in 2005, Mezintel has steadily grown its product offerings to help enhance the Oil & Gas directional drilling sector. Here are brief descriptions of our products:

Mezintel Gamma

Mezintel's first major product, a measurement/logging while drilling software, launched in 2009. It's straightforward, robust, and compatible with both WITS and WITSML systems. Mezintel Gamma also offers two remote logging/monitoring options to fit different needs.
This product spread via word of mouth, and now has over 80% market share in Canada.

Success with Gamma allowed Mezintel to invest creative energy in developing more solutions for the MWD sector. In 2011, MWD Tracker and Depth Tracker were launched:

  • MWD Tracker is software for tracking jobs, tools and personnel. It enables coordinators to ensure control over their MWD operations.

  • Depth Tracker is a WITS-based system that transmits depth information for directional drilling. It's visual display eliminates depth-related guesswork while drilling.
Customer Support

At Mezintel, our clients have told us that they are impressed with our technical support, and how quickly we provide product improvements. Maintaining a high level of communication with our customers is how we plan to keep offering products that reflect a superior understanding of directional drilling needs.

Quick Facts

Line of Business: Software for LWD/MWD & Asset tracking for preventive maintenance.
Ownership: Private
Number of Employees: 4