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Company Overview: BioDAF

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12 Greenway Plaza Suite 1100
Houston, TX 77046

Contact Information
Website: www.biodaf.com
Phone: (281) 712 1546
Phone: (888) 384 3258
Executive Contact: Marcos De la Monja
HR Contact: Marcos De la Monja
Sales Contact: Marcos De la Monja
Investor Contact: Marcos De la Monja

Water is a critical issue in the oil industry, whether it is produced water for disposal, or water used to frac wells to increase production, it is important to understand the chemistry to maximize performance. It is critical to eliminate the problems associated with incompatibilities: • between waters and changing conditions of pressure and temp (such as scaling), • with treatment chemicals (properly functioning gels), • with the formation (salinity and rock wetability), and • bacterial action resulting in H2S from un-prepared surface water sources.  The BioDAF Water Technology proprietary, patented process takes even the most difficult water streams with high turbidity, high chlorides, barium, sulfates, bacteria, and other troublesome components, and treats them down to a very clean and clear, safe and valuable water that can then be prepared for fraccing, or discharge to the environment for irrigation for example.  The full cycle water treatment thus includes, pre-frac treatment, followed by the treatment of flow-back water for re-use or trouble free disposal. This: • minimizes water use; a huge plus for the community and the environment; • minimizes costs, and • maximizes value to the oil company, both operationally and as an eco-friendly neighbor within the farms and communities they operate.

Quick Facts

Line of Business: Frac water cleanup solutions
Ownership: Private
Number of Employees: 20