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Company Overview: River Services Company

Company Information
River Services Company
921 Distributors row
New Orleans, LA 70123

Contact Information
Website: www.riverservicescompany.com
Phone: (504) 400-4227
Phone: (504) 733-3677

The pinnacle of our company is our reputation, which is built on our philosophy that preparation, safety, experience and integrity are the essential elements of success. RSCI is comprised of full time, highly experienced, certified personnel who pursue continuous education and training. RSCI specializes in developing innovative, cost effective solutions for vital infrastructure concerns while remaining conscious of ecological issues and the importance of sustaining the natural environment. Our dive teams can inspect, outline recommendations, formulate a cost estimate, develop repair designs and construction plans. Quality assurance diving is provided in conjunction with the repair process to inspect workmanship and guarantee compliance with engineering specification, contract documents and RSCI corporate safety standards; which are in compliance with, and exceed the standards for our industry OSHA, ADC, Coast Guard and US Army Corps of Engineers.

Quick Facts

Line of Business: Commercial Diving
Ownership: Private