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Company Overview: Tarpon ROV LLC

Company Information
Tarpon ROV LLC
102 Rivergrass Drive
Lafayette, LA 70508

Contact Information
Website: www.tarponrov.net
Phone: 985-285-1764

We use VideoRay Micro ROVs to quickly, safely, and inexpensively accomplish tasks that are too dangerous for people, to complex logistically for larger ROVs, or simply too simple to call out divers. Our system weighs in at approximately 120 pounds, fits in two suitcases, and can be deployed by hand from great heights. All dives are recorded and provided to the client after completion of the mission. We also have Blueview P900 2D imaging sonar which we utilize in situations where visibility makes locating targets difficult. This allows us to work in conditions which would bring most inspections to a halt. UWILDs have successfully been completed in less than 2 feet of water visibility by using the sonar to image areas of interest (such as hull deformation, sea suctions, thrusters, etc) and then 'swimming' the ROV to that point to satisfy the client. With a depth rating of 1000', extreme portability, and our vast experience with ABS rules and requirements (Tarpon is owned by two former ABS surveyors), we can achieve mission success at a fraction of the cost of divers or work class ROVs. In many cases, we can be used to monitor underwater works by Divers to document construction, decommissioning, or sensitive structural members. Buoys, Piers, Bulkheads, and pipelines are among the other structures which can be easily and quickly inspected using our equipment. Videoray ROV's have been used for every task imaginable under the water. From exploring the Lusitania shipwreck to exploring the inner members of Spars, there is no limit to the VideoRay's capabilities. Feel free to contact us with any underwater visual inspection or observation needs.

Quick Facts

Line of Business: UWILD & Tank Inspection
Ownership: Private