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Company Overview: FGPS Ltd.

Company Information
95 Hanover Terrace
Brighton, BN2 9SP

Contact Information
Website: www.fgps.com
Phone: +44 7793 611932
Executive Contact: Paul Dowd

Fast Geophysical Positioning Solutions is a provider of software and services dedicated to the task of providing state-of-the-art data processing and independent expert evaluation of all aspects of navigation and positioning for the seismic survey industry offshore and on land. P Our clients are consultants, oil companies in the exploration sector and geophysical contractors. P At its core lies a based software suite, which has been developed employing a combination of surveying and programming skills. This multi-disciplinary approach has enabled the development of a product which satisfies without compromise both the technical requirements of data processing and quality appraisal, and the means of achieving these requirements in an intuitive, timely and cost effective manner. P FGPS provides a data processing service both on-site with full time support or office based. Re-processing of archived data in order to exploit the considerable advancements which have been made in recent years in processing techniques is also undertaken. P A remote in-house processing service is offered to clients who require immediate verification of data as acquisition progresses, with a turnaround time of 24 hours from time of receipt of data, normally via FTP. P Computation of survey pre-plots and the tidal reduction of bathymetry data are also undertaken. P Clients mapping requirements are catered for with the production of pre-plots, post-plots and bathymetry maps up to A0 on paper and film. P All personnel undertaking these tasks are qualified and experienced professionals.

Quick Facts

Line of Business: Software lease and data processing
Ownership: Private
Number of Employees: 4