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Company Overview: MezurX USA

Company Information
MezurX USA
2500 Tanglewilde, Ste 487
Houston, TX 77063

Contact Information
Website: www.mezurx.com
Phone: +1 832 704 1302
Executive Contact: Bruce Henderson

MezurX provides services that improve wellsite safety, reduce risk and improve drilling optimization both onshore and offshore with: 1) FADS - smart early kick detection services. This is an intelligent, highly sensitive early kick detection system that picks up unexplained fluid anomalies and signs of kicks ahead of conventional systems and at sensitivity levels not seen or commonly by similar systems. it can also pick signs of wellbore fluid losses ahead of typical monitoring systems. 2) Mud SentriX - a highly sensitive and accurate drilling fluid flow and density measuring system that can be used cost effectively for mud weight management, barite sag monitoring, improving wellbore integrity and overall drilling fluid optimization. It can be used as a separate service or in conjunction with FADS Oil companies and other operators, drilling contractors and service companies will all find the MezurX services of high value.

Quick Facts

Line of Business: Oilfield service company
Ownership: Private