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Company Overview: American Underwater Services, Inc.

Company Information
American Underwater Services, Inc.
P.O. Box 1262116
Fort Worth, TX 76126-0216

Contact Information
Website: www.americanunderwaterservices.com
Phone: 866-594-1272
Executive Contact: Anthony DiIulio

Our 26 years of experience assures that American Underwater Services is the premier and longest standing diving and dredging company for virtually any commercial underwater job. We offer innovative and cost-effective solutions to your commercial diving, pond cleaning and dredging needs, readily taking on even the most challenging tasks. American Underwater Services provides specialists to clients’ engineering, construction and maintenance teams, all while utilizing premium equipment that includes dredge machines, cutting edge diving equipment and industry standard, high-powered underwater construction equipment. That combination of unique expertise and state of the art resources means we consistently finish projects ahead of schedule and under budget. More importantly, though, we are committed to doing what is best for our clients. From our management to our field crews, we build enduring relationships with our clientele by going above and beyond in all we put our hands to.

Quick Facts

Line of Business: Commercial diving operations
Ownership: Private
Number of Employees: 30