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Company Overview: Solids Monitoring Systems

Company Information
Solids Monitoring Systems
9540 Pinecroft Dr
P.O. Box 7368
The Woodlands, TX 77380

Contact Information
Website: www.solidsmonitoringsystems.com
Phone: 281-323-4233
Executive Contact: Barry Harwell

SMS Solids Monitoring Systems is a non-intrusive ultrasonic that uses acoustics to monitor sands and other solids that might be present in the systems mainly from the formation sands. The applications for use are as follows: Production Optimization especially non gravel packed wells Preventing sand induced erosion to the choke and surface piping Preventing sands in vessels reducing retention time to separate when liquids are present Preventing shut downs while cleaning crews have to clean out vessels and disposing as hazardous waste Gas Lift Wells Pipeline Pig Detection Frac Flowbacks Well Cleanouts

Quick Facts

Line of Business: Production Services Engineering
Ownership: Private