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Company Overview: Sioux Corporation

Company Information
Sioux Corporation
One Sioux Plaza
Beresford, SD 57004

Contact Information
Website: www.sioux.com
Phone: 605-763-3333
Phone: 605-763-3334
Executive Contact: Meg Bucy
Sales Contact: Mike Wiebers

Sioux Corporation is a family-owned small business, founded in 1939. For over 70 years, we have manufactured high-quality steam cleaning and pressure washing equipment, instantaneous water heaters, and steam generators. We provide industrial-quality products, custom-engineered options, advice, and information to a wide range of businesses throughout the world. We will pursue future products and services that best utilize our experience and knowledge. We have the most rugged construction in the industry. Quality craftsmanship and improvements in design have kept Sioux ahead of the competition, providing you some of the longest lasting units in the industry. In fact, many Sioux units are still in operation after 20 years! Ask about our Reliability Guarantee!

Quick Facts

Line of Business: All Electric Explosion Proof Pressure Washers and Steam Cleaners
Ownership: Private