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Company Overview: Engenya GmbH

Company Information
Engenya GmbH
Head Office
Technoparkstrasse 2
Winterthur, Zurich, 8406

Contact Information
Website: www.engenya.com
Phone: +41 52 202 4104
Phone: +41 52 202 4104
Executive Contact: Marco Serra
Sales Contact: Andrea Serra

Engenya GmbH is an engineering services consultancy located in Winterthur. We are a small, highly specialized company offering high level engineering services. In particular, we are equipped to provide advanced calculation and simulation services. These services can help our clients to significantly reduce the cost of design and engineering by reducing the cost of testing through simulation as well as identifying potential problems before anything is committed to manufacturing. In addition we can help to evaluate designs and provide objective opinions on their performance, as well as help you to understand why a particular design, device or structure has failed. In short, we provide the specialized services and know-how that companies need from time to time, but that are often not worth the investment required in time, manpower and equipment to set up permanently in-house. The Engenya website offers a complete portfolio and further information.

Quick Facts

Line of Business: Consulting Engineering
Ownership: Private
Number of Employees: 7