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Company Overview: COMM Engineering

Company Information
COMM Engineering
1319 West Pinhook Road
Suite 401
Lafayette, LA 70503

Contact Information
Website: www.commengineering.com
Phone: 3372374373
Phone: 3372374373

COMM helps companies and countries become more competitive by wisely using energy resources while reducing environmental impacts. We utilize technologies and expertise to implement proven solutions to help our clients recover product losses and reduce energy usage while complying with applicable environmental regulations. Companies that utilize our products and services benefit from increased profitability and reduced environmental liabilities. COMM Engineering is a world leader in environmental engineering, environmental consulting, Greenhouse Gas (GHG) reduction, and recovery or conversion solutions for the oil and gas industry. Let us show you how to reduce your carbon footprint, Profitably! We have the the complete package from environmental engineering expertise to GHG recovery solutions to carbon credit monetization.

Quick Facts

Line of Business: 3372374373
Ownership: Private
Number of Employees: 30