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Company Overview: Perar S.p.A

Company Information
Perar S.p.A
Via Grigna, 37
Rescaldina, 20027

Contact Information
Website: www.perar.it
Phone: +39 0331 576710
Phone: +39 0331 578802

Founded in 1962, Perar S.p.A is a privately owned company and a leading Italian manufacturer of high quality valves for a wide variety of oil & gas applications. As oil and gas exploration and production continues to move into even deeper waters, Perar S.p.A is uniquely prepared to execute projects effeciently and safely, bringing decades of subsea experience and the expertise needed to develop the most challenging fields. With an established subsea division in Delebio - North of Milan, totally dedicated to the engineering of subsea valves and actuators, Perar S.p.A offers a facility, expert personnel and equipment 100% allocated to the subsea industry. Our subsea valve portfolio includes trunnion mounted ball valves (side entry, top entry, fully welded, twin-ball / tandem), gate valves (through conduit slab and double expanding types) and non-return valves (swing check, axial nozzle check). The in-house tailor made gearbox and hydraulic actuators, in quarter-turn or linear operation, complete the package and provide the most optimized solution for such specific subsea conditions (10,000ft / 3,000m water depth, 15,000psi).

Quick Facts

Line of Business: Manufacture of Valves
Ownership: Private
Number of Employees: 250