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Company Overview: SENSY load cells

Company Information
SENSY load cells
Z.I. jumet Allée centrale
Jumet, 6040

Contact Information
Website: www.sensy.com
Phone: +32 71 25 8200

SENSY develops and produces standard and custom made force sensors, torque sensors, load limiting sensors, calibration services and tensiometers. Our load cells are adapted to any required environment; the subsea and marine environment, hazardous environment (ATEX), heavy industry, etc. we are specialized in offering a complete and customized solution to our client adapted to their needs and demands. Our wide range of products and our expertise allows us to be active on a wide variety of markets including; Crane and harbor sector, Oil/ Gas sector, Marine & subsea sector, Testing machine sector, Mechatronics & automotive industry sector, Aerospace & space sector, Power-generation industry sector

Quick Facts

Line of Business: sensor manufacturer
Ownership: Private