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Company Overview: Predictive Maintenance Corporation

Company Information
Predictive Maintenance Corporation
400 Sauvé West
Montreal, Qc, H3L 1Z8

Contact Information
Website: www.pmaint.com
Phone: 1-514-383-6330
Phone: 1-514-383-5631
Executive Contact: Marvin Ostin

Predictive Maintenance Corporation operates a worldwide network of fully automated oil analysis laboratories. Several features differentiate PMC from its competitors, namely: - Tribologik, a unique expert system with buil-in multilingual capability - Regression, a unique reporting too with secure Internet access for its customers - A high level of automation - A unique quality control system - A FMECA web interface for failure mode effects and criticality analysis - Correlation, a pectrum comparision software between used and new oil. PMC offers the opportunity to operate franchises on world markets.

Quick Facts

Line of Business: Oil analysis laboratory
Ownership: Private
Number of Employees: 15