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Company Overview: NuGenTec Oilfield Chemicals

Company Information
NuGenTec Oilfield Chemicals
2060 Grand River Annex
Suite 100
Brighton, MI 48114

Contact Information
Website: www.nugentec.com
Phone: 888-996-8436

NuGenTec Oilfield Chemicals, LLC (NuGenTec OFC) specializes in the Oil & Gas Industry, producing and distributing a wide arsenal of products specially tailored to meet its clients demands. We produce cutting-edge ‘green’ chemicals in an environmentally friendly, yet cost-effective, manner. The NuGenTec OFC team delivers innovative solutions for upstream, midstream, and downstream oil and gas markets with specific expertise in Deepwater, Heavy Oil, Enhanced Oil Recovery, Pipeline and Gathering Lines, Storage Tanks, Oil Sands, Conventional Production Enhancement, Shale Oil and Shale Gas. Paraffin Treatment Products Asphaltene Treatment Products Biocides Carbonated Scale Remover Cleaning Compounds Corrosion Inhibitors Defoamers Emulsion Breakers Foamers H2S Scavengers Hydrate Control Iron Sulfide Dissolvers O-Rings Oxygen Scavengers Pour Point Depressant Scale Inhibitors Surfactants Viscosity Reducers Water Quality Enhancers

Quick Facts

Line of Business: Oilfield Chemicals
Ownership: Private