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Company Overview: SigmaFlow

Company Information
7800 North Dallas Parkway
Suite 150
Plano, TX 75024

Contact Information
Website: www.sigmaflow.com
Phone: 972-826-4350
Executive Contact: Jim Janicki
HR Contact: Alicia Amlani
Sales Contact: Tim McHugh

Unconventional Drilling practices necessitates Oil & Gas Exploration & Production companies to transform their Well Delivery process from an ‘art-form’ or uniquely engineering each well, to a ‘Science’ where groups of wells can quickly be produced in a factory-like repetitive process. By uniquely integrating Rig Scheduling with Process Management and Centralized Data Management, SigmaFlow Well Delivery solution enables workers to efficiently complete their high priority assignments, and effortlessly produce complex deliverable documents (GeoPrognosis, AFE, for example.) As a solution output, real-time analytical reports & dashboards enable management to forecast with ‘bottom-up’ accuracy: well milestone dates, production volumes, costs, and supply chain requirements. See our video about the SigmaFlow Well Delivery Solution on our website www.sigmaflow.com.

Quick Facts

Line of Business: Upstream Oil and Gas Exploration and Production
Ownership: Private