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Company Overview: Penguin Petroleum Services Pvt. Ltd.

Company Information
Penguin Petroleum Services Pvt. Ltd.
Plot # 1 & 2, Dheku , Post Sajgaon,Khopoli
Khalapur Talukka,Raigad Dist
Mumbai, 410 203

Contact Information
Website: penguinpetro.com/
Phone: +91-9449597620
Phone: 02192-269049
Executive Contact: C Paul

PENGUIN Petroleum Services (PPSL) is a 360 degree engineering, manufacturing and service centre of excellence offering products, services and solutions relating to artificial lift, tubular completions, drilling services, surface production well testing and well diagnostic services and several other manufacturing support activities like deep hole drilling, tube honing, machining, API threading, re-engineering etc. Penguin’s manufacturing facility in India is accredited with Quality/Industry certifications : ISO-9001, TS-29001, API Q1, API 5CT, API 5DP, API 7-1, API 11AX & API 11B and manufactures a range of products under these monogram certifications. These product lines include Casing and Tubing Couplings, Flow Couplings, Pup Joints, X-Overs, Bull Plugs, Drill Stem Subs, Drill Pipe Tool Joints, Subsurface Sucker Rod Pumps, Polished Rod and Sucker Rod Couplings etc. Additionally, PPSL also manufactures ESP completion accessories like All Cast Cross Coupling Cable Protectors, Mid-Joint Cable Protectors, Control Line/Injection Line Protectors, MLE Clamps, and Hydraulic Tubing Drain, ESP Shrouds, Shroud Hangers, Liner Centralizers etc. Another line of products offered by PPSL consist an extensive range of Steel Thread Protectors with Lifting Bails (Lift Nubbins) ranging from 2-3/8” to 8-5/8” with REG, IF, FH, XH, H-90 and NC connections for thread protection as well handling Drill Collars and other BHA Components on the rig floor.

Quick Facts

Line of Business: Manufcturing/Servicing
Ownership: Private
Number of Employees: 40