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Company Overview: TiPS Inc

Company Information
TiPS Inc
2402 Williams Drive
Georgetown, TX 78628

Contact Information
Website: www.tipsweb.com
Phone: 512-863-3653
Phone: 512-863-5392
Executive Contact: Bob Weibel
HR Contact: Pam Bodine
Sales Contact: David Garcia
Investor Contact: Steve Pride

Defining Alarm Management: To develop, enforce, and maintain an action driven alarm system that alerts and guides operations to corrective action without distraction, confusion, or conflict. Benefits TiPS Incorporated assists clients using LogMate Software: 1. Fewer alarms – less confusion – proper reaction in reduced time 2. True action required, alarms taken seriously 3. Meaningful alarms with guidance information – help get confirmation 4. Alarms activate on time – before an incident 5. Properly prioritized alarms (which one do we focus on first) 6. Maintenance cost down 7. Increased plant uptime 8. Management of Change (MOC) in place 9 Improved safety, reduced incidents 10.Operator experience and decision process documented for new operators

Quick Facts

Line of Business: Alarm Management Solutions
Ownership: Private
Number of Employees: 20