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Company Overview: Resource Energy Solutions

Company Information
Resource Energy Solutions
300-750-11 Stret SW
Calgary , Alberta, T2P3N7

Contact Information
Website: www.resourceenergysolutions.com
Executive Contact: Tracy Presiloski

Resource Energy Solutions is a global IT product developer and service provider. Since 1995, RES has supplied world-class, leading-edge, project and cost-management software solutions to the oil and gas and mining industries. Over ten years ago, RES recognized the need for an efficient, cost-effective well reporting and data management solution that could store and synchronize data for field workers and office staff. This recognition stemmed from the frustration resonating throughout the marketplace over reporting systems that lacked ease, integration, quality, and consistency. In 1995, RES formed a "hands-on" collaboration with industry representatives and together they designed Wellman – superior user-friendly reporting software that optimized data management and integration. This strategic industry partnership ensured that RES would produce a product that directly met widespread marketplace need, making it the leader. To this day, RES continues to lead in innovation and advanced client solutions within the oil and gas sector. Ongoing collaboration with industry associations and technology experts facilitates RES’ ability to bring new, exciting products to market in record time. In addition to its current product line, RES is focused on enhancing its complementary service offering and expanding its current client base. RES' head office is located in the hub of the Canadian oil and gas industry, Calgary, Alberta. It also operates an office in Houston, Texas, Jakarta, Indonesia which enables us to fully meet the demands of the world market.

Quick Facts

Line of Business: project control and workflow solutions
Ownership: Private
Number of Employees: 50