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3451 Shenandoah Street
Dallas, TX 75205

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Website: www.ipspm.com
Phone: 214-219-0688
Phone: 214-219-0689

IPS Associates is a premier provider of project management solutions focused on integration and implementation. We do this by taking proven process design, education and implementation methods and fusing them into your organization at all levels. The result is a process that works time after time in your unique environment.

IPS pioneered tactical project management process implementation in the high technology and information technology industry over 12 years ago and, in that time, IPS has served over 100 different clients in these industries. We have an excellent record developing and delivering high-quality training programs and consulting services, resulting in dramatic performance gains throughout client organizations IPS provides our clients with process methodologies that incorporate best practices. These proven processes are enhanced by the knowledge of our world-class professionals. IPS's success is a function of its strengths: high-caliber personnel who understand the client's needs, focus on results, commitment to long-term implementation support of our clients, and creation of partnership based on transfer of best-practices to our clients.

IPS is the only choice for integrated solutions that impact the way your company performs. IPS develops a partnership with each client and consistently facilitates significant improvement of strategy execution, rapid achievement of business results and keeping mission-critical projects on track.

IPS has delivered project management services to organizations in over 30 countries. Our customer base includes companies ranging in size from Fortune 500 to the middle market-companies with large information systems departments, product development organizations facing time to market pressures, or business units struggling with a large volume of project activities which create resource shortfalls.

Quick Facts

Line of Business: Project Management
Ownership: Private
Number of Employees: 150