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Company Overview: PangTong Wellhead USA Inc.

Company Information
PangTong Wellhead USA Inc.
11730 S Sam Houston Pkwy W.
Houston, TX 77031

Contact Information
Website: www.ptwellheadusa.com
Phone: 2819839988

PangTong Wellhead USA Inc. (PTWUSA) is a leading provider of wellhead equipment and equipment services to the petroleum industry leaders worldwide, we specialize in design, manufacture, repair and storage for our clients across the globe. With the excellent support from our headquarters in Shanghai, China, we provide high quality products at reasonable prices. Our products include API 6A, 16A, 16C, 6D, along with various components. To complement our quality products, we also offer repair and maintenance services based on our decades of experience. After several years of continuous efforts, we have established a complete quality guarantee system and customer service management system. All executives in the company have over 30 years of experience in petroleum product design and manufacture. Furthermore, we are able to manufacture products based on customer drawings, as well as design and create drawings based on the needs from our clients. Our main products are as follows: 1. Wellhead Control: a: Drift diameter in 7 1/16″~11″~13 5/8″.Pressure in 3000PSI~10000PSI type U blowout protector in single or double rams API.16A b: Drift diameter in 2 1/16 ″ ~ 4 1/16 ″ ~ 7 1/16 ″. Pressure in 5000PSI~15000PSI, all specification of ground kill, flush choke manifolds and testing oil manifolds with API.16C 2. Wellhead: a: Drift diameter in 2 1/16 ″ ~ 4 1/16 ″ ~ 7 1/16 ″ .Pressure in 2000PSI ~ 15000PSI, all specification of wellhead equipment for oil and gas productions, various kinds of high-pressure valve and chokes. b: Series of 21 1/4″~9″,Casing hanging series of 20″、 18 3/4"、13 3/8"、10 3/4"、9 5/8"、8 5/8"、7"、6 5/8"、5 1/2", single-layer or multiple-layer casing wellhead equipments.

Quick Facts

Line of Business: Wellhead
Ownership: Private