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Company Overview: Entrance

Company Information
2855 Mangum Rd.
Suite 122
Houston, TX 77092

Contact Information
Website: www.entranceconsulting.com
Phone: 888-343-5669

Entrance designs and builds insightful software solutions that unlock the value of your assets. Our Software Consulting addresses changing industry needs as they occur, rather than as they become common practice. We get the right information into the right hands with our SharePoint Consulting. Custom Software addresses complex business or engineering issues that are beyond the capabilities of product offerings. We get it. We bring both intelligence and flexibility to the table, and that let’s us fit our technology to your company rather than the other way around. With over 10 years of industry-specific experience, we know that business needs come first. When we envision projects we ask questions in order to fully understand your point of view. When we give you advice, it’s with your best interest at heart.

Quick Facts

Line of Business: Custom Software
Ownership: Private